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The movie is a Romantic Comedy (or in short RomCom). It is sort of a love story with other topics too, like family values and the difference between the poor and the rich towards love.






Not Oggi !!!
Remembering The Good Old Times
"Hilarious dialogs forming the ever-continuous linear romance in its disguised Eritrean way. The photogenic people in the colorful environment take you to places yonder your imagination. "Se'an Lisan" is really a fantastic movie! The only injustice it does is to the 101minutes its running time. They fly too fast for your satiation." Selamawit Yosief, Asmara
I hope that you got to see "SeAAn LiSSAn" It actually got a really good response from the public in Asmara. "I got to tell you, I for one have seen the movie FIVE times, yes FIVE times!" "What fascinated me the most was that almost all of the actors in the movie had no prior experience in acting at all. That, everyone thought was really remarkable. SeAAn LiSSAn no doubt deserves Two Thumbs Up!" / Mewail Canada

Made In Eritrea / Made In Inside Eritrea

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